Facts & figures

Open MRI system – more comfort, reliable results

The Panorama High Field Open machine (HFO) from Philips allows the patient a full 360 degree view, meaning a claustrophobia-free examination. At the same time, it is technologically unsurpassed in its diagnostic possibilities. Here is some information about our open MRI scanner:

  • The HFO panorama uses a highly effective high field magnet, which allows us to produce extremely detailed pictures and, as a result, to make very exact diagnoses. State-of-the-art technology means the picture quality of our open MRI machine is comparable with a conventional 1.5 Tesla Tunnel MRI machine.
  • The ideal place for an MRI scan is the center of the magnetic field. The unusually large examination field allows our open MRI to be used to take scans from many different perspectives. This means that we can position the body part to be examined right in the middle of the magnetic field. As a result, you do not have to hold an uncomfortable position during scanning, and the pictures we make are of perfect quality.
  • The vertical alignment of the magnetic field means that highly effective receiver coils can be used in the HFO Panorama machine. This allows us to use a lower field strength but still produce better pictures
  • MRI machines are often called “open MRIs” even though they are essentially conventional MRI tunnels with a slightly wider tunnel diameter. Our open MRI is actually completely open and means the patient has a completely unrestricted view throughout the entire examination.

Any other questions?

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