Open MRI system

More space for your health

Our high field open MRI scanner means we can diagnose our patients using the latest MRI technology. Conventional MRI scanning involves the patient being scanned in the narrow tunnel of the MRI machine. Our open MRI machine is open on all sides, giving you a 360-degree unobstructed view throughout the entire examination. This avoids the claustrophobic feeling which is often a problem in a conventional MRI tunnel.

The open MRI has a number of convincing advantages. The unobstructed view it offers, as well as its particularly large space for the patient to lie on ensures maximum comfort and a stress-free, pleasant examination. In particular claustrophobic, nervous, or overweight patients can benefit from this open scanning method.

The examination of children is also made a great deal easier by way of an open MRI scanner, since their parents can stay with them throughout the entire examination process, helping to reassure and calm them.

Of course, we will also be pleased to support and advise you if you choose to undergo an examination using a tunnel MRI machine. If you suffer from anxiety or feel uncomfortable, we can help you by way of sedation, calming music and plenty of personal care and attention.

MRI scanning for patients with a cardiac pacemaker

Until recently, MRI scanning for patients with a cardiac pacemaker was impossible. Today, various different MRI scanning methods can be used for these patients as long as they are carried out under a cardiologist’s supervision. Suitable examination methods include those used for joint pain or for a virtual colonoscopy. In any case, the indication and MRI suitability of the patient’s pacemaker must be determined in detail before the examination takes place. Due to our very close cooperation with several experienced cardiologists, we are able to examine patients with pacemakers in our clinic using the open MRI machine.

Do you have more questions?

Do you have further questions? We would be pleased to advise you in detail about the method and advantages of our open MRI scanner.