Magnetic resonance imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging –
a safe medical imaging technique

Magnetic resonance imaging /MRI) is a particularly gentle imaging method which works without the use of radiation and allows a realistic, three-dimensional insight into the inside of the body. Magnetic fields and radio waves are used to create detailed images which can portray the body at every possible level.

The precise portrayal of tissue, organs and bones can help doctors recognize pathological changes before they cause acute problems. As such, MRI imaging plays an important part in the prevention and early detection of disease.

Of particular significance are MRI examinations for diseases of the brain, the spinal marrow and spinal cord, and the joints. Organs and blood vessels can be examined in detail, without risk to the patient. MRI scanning plays an ever more important role in cardiological diagnosis, e.g. in the form of examinations of circulatory disorders in the cardiac muscle.