Virtual colonoscopy

Virtual colonoscopy as a gentle alternative

In many cases, a so-called virtual colonoscopy is a viable alternative to a traditional colonoscopy. Particularly for check-ups following a normal colonoscopy or when a patient does not want a traditional colonoscopy, a ‘non-contact’ colonoscopy is the best suited examination method.

The potential of a virtual colonoscopy is limited by the fact that tissue samples may not be taken simultaneously should polyps or tumors be discovered. If the virtual colonoscopy results in pathological findings, a traditional colonoscopy must be carried out, during which tissue samples can be taken. The advantages of a virtual colonoscopy are that the patient is spared the inconvenience of an endoscopic examination, and he/she must not take sedatives for the procedure. Additionally, the examination also displays other internal organs apart from the colon, which can be examined for pathological changes too.

Prior to an MRI colonoscopy, the colon must be cleansed. This is carried out in the same way as for a traditional colonoscopy, using laxatives or an enema. If you have any questions concerning virtual colonoscopy, we would be glad to answer them during an appointment in person. Please do not hesitate to request an appointment.