Our research on the cardiological diagnosis of the future

For over two years, our practice has been cooperating with the private lecturer Dr. Med. Henning Steen, director of the cardiac MRI department of the University Hospital Heidelberg. Our extensive research focuses on the question of how cardiac catheters can be used as part of examinations in open MRI scanners. The goal is to enable the implantation of a pacemaker and examination with a heart catheter whilst avoiding the risk posed by x-rays.

The results given during examinations of the heart in the open MRI are comparable with those given by examinations in a tunnel MRI, as we were able to prove in a previous study. On a global level, we are the only practice worldwide which offers this diagnostic method in an open MRI.

You can trust in our years of experience in modern radiological diagnostics and benefit from the advantages offered by our open MRI.