Cardiac MRI

MRI cardiac diagnosis – modern, non-surgical examination methods

Cardiac MRI in a magnetic resonance scanner allows the doctor a precise view of the beating heart without having to subject the patient to a surgical procedure. There are no x-rays involved, and no iodine-based contrast media are used. This modern form of cardiac diagnosis is a particularly useful and gentle alternative to heart catheter methods.

MRI scanning can be used to examine the blood flow, function and vitality of the heart and heart valves in order to recognize potential heart defects at an early stage. Cardiac MRI scanning is particularly promising examination method for use in heart attack screening, the evaluation of scars in the heart muscle and the diagnosis of cardiac circulatory disorders.

Philip G. Petry is currently researching the potential fields of application and advantages of open MRI scanning as part of cardiac diagnosis in cooperation with the University Hospital Heidelberg. The aim of the research is to offer our patients a particularly gentle and safe method for cardiac examination.

Do you have further questions about cardiac MRI scanning in our clinics in Heidelberg and Viernheim? We would be glad to advise you about the advantages of this modern examination method during an appointment in person.